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Super solar power – the rundown from AK Roofing Services Liverpool

Super solar power – the rundown from AK Roofing Services Liverpool Not just offering Roofing services in Liverpool, AK Roofing also offers super solar panels – the green alternative to powering your home or business. So, as genuine advocates of the solar panel movement, this Liverpool Roofing Company is shocked to see that the Tory government aren’t on our wavelength, and don’t give renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the respect that they deserve. Recently leaked information coming from newspapers and agencies has indicated that the Tories intend to […]

Maintain Your Roof in TipTop Condition

Maintain your roof -

Keep your roof in good condition: a foolproof guide Whilst we don’t recommend carrying out some of the bigger jobs and taking the place of a roofing specialist in Liverpool, there are many things homeowners can do in order to maintain their roof, and ensure that perfectly preventable problems don’t rear their heads in the meantime. As experts in the roofing field, we know that there are certain things that should be left to the professionals, but taking a few simple steps yourself can mean you will prevent some pretty […]

How to prevent vermin invading our attic

prevent vermin invading -

This is the best way to prevent vermin invading your attic In true English style, the summer of 2015 has been anything but sunny, and the wind, rain and general rubbish weather that our country is famed for has reared its ugly head. It’s been more of a “jump in your dinghy to go to the shop” than a “grab your towel, we are going to the beach” kind of summer, and it’s not just us who have noticed – the furry creatures who live amongst us have become aware […]