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Liverpools leading experts in Fibreglass roofing

Fibreglass Roof LiverpoolFibreglass roofing, it’s everywhere! We’ve noticed that throughout Liverpool more and more people are becoming inclined to buy fibreglass roofing/GRP (Glass reinforced plastic), that’s why we specialise in it. Here at AK roofing roofing specialists LTD, we’ll make every job extremely affordable, and the service is even better.

Fibreglass roofing has a much longer life expectancy than traditional roofing, we can guarantee you 30 years of roof happiness. We can give you the roof you’ve always wanted, with our team of highly trained roofers, no job is a problem. Get in touch now for an obligation free quote, and start living under the roof of your dreams today.

After you’ve done our free survey and gotten a quote, our highly trained team will be able to give you ANY kind of roof. Whether you’re after roofing for a domestic property, or even a commercial one – we are Liverpool’s number 1.


Why do I need Fibreglass?

Not only does it look the part, it works hard. It is massively waterproof, which means goodbye water damage! If you’re after a roof that looks great, that is still cost effective, then we’re here for you.

Fibreglass means no use of stone, so… Goodbye mould, moss and nasty little lichens! No more natural weather damage will be building up on your roof. It also has no seams, no seams = almost no cracks. No cracks = a very happy customer who doesn’t get leaks, I mean – Liverpool doesn’t get the best weather now does it?

GRP is perfect for any of you ambitious types who want to install a balcony or terrace. It’s material is very strong, making it durable, and able to be walked upon. Insulation, it’s a given. When we install a Fibreglass roof, we can make it insulated from the get go, and don’t forget to choose your colour too! You’re going to be the talk of the street. Insulated Fibreglass means no scary weather, no leaks, no hassle.


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Our team is widely experienced, we are second to none. We can confidently give you 30 years of durable roofing, it’s easy to say that when you have 25 years of experience backing you. We can give you:

  • 30 years of roofing bliss
  • A professional service
  • 25 years of versatile experience
  • Choice of Fibreglass/GRP colour
  • Cost effective roofing
  • Excellent insulation


If you’re after a glossy, gorgeous, and solid Fibreglass roof, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our Facebook and Twitter are just a click away. Our contact numbers are below:

0151 427 2927
07805 145 503