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How to prevent vermin invading our attic

September 3, 2015

prevent vermin invading -

This is the best way to prevent vermin invading your attic

In true English style, the summer of 2015 has been anything but sunny, and the wind, rain and general rubbish weather that our country is famed for has reared its ugly head.

It’s been more of a “jump in your dinghy to go to the shop” than a “grab your towel, we are going to the beach” kind of summer, and it’s not just us who have noticed – the furry creatures who live amongst us have become aware of the dreary weather, and they’re seeking shelter…

Of course, the vermin usually goes unnoticed, however the wet weather has caused them to start causing a stir and they aren’t famed for keeping themselves to themselves.

First things first – they will chew through pretty much anything that they come up against. Plastic, metal, wood, wires, your old 80’s clothes (but they’re probably doing you a favor), photo albums – anything!

The best advice that can be given to you now is how to prevent them from getting in to your attic and getting their paws and jaws on your stuff, as well as your house itself!

Here are some tips from your very own Liverpool roofing specialist on how to prevent vermin from invading your attic:

Become a hunter

If they’re getting in, they’ve got a route – so you need to find out where it starts. Unleash the inner hunter and find out how they are getting into your home and taking over! If you find cracks and holes that shouldn’t be there – cover them up!


What are they eating?

If they are eating and you can work out what they are munching on when they come into your home, then you can eradicate temptation and keep all of these foods out of reach from the vermin.

We could give you a list of what they like most, but truth be told – they eat everything; they will be eating what is easiest to access so look in the places that are in immediate sight and easy to get to.


Cover your vents

Not every crack or hole can be completely patched over, but vents can have vent covers fitted that allow the vent to remain fully functional, without giving vermin the opportunity get in.


Clean up your act

Rubbish to a rat is your way of saying “Welcome! Come on in!” – Don’t give them this unintentional invite. Make sure that all of your rubbish is contained in proper bins and keep the exterior of your property clean and tidy.


Get Trappy

Set traps around your home and use an effective bait to pull in the critters; peanut butter is like a magnet to rats and is a sure fire way to catch any of the vermin around your home.

Be careful setting traps in areas that have a lot of human traffic and always make sure that everybody in your house knows where they are!


Feed your pets inside

If vermin start to understand that you feed your pets outside, they will become familiar with feeding times and whether your animal leaves some tasty tidbits behind for them to finish off.

Try and feed your pets inside and not in the garden, however, if you must feed them outside, ensure that all bowls and remaining food is brought back inside once your pet is finished.

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Conclusion; How to Prevent Vermin Invading your home

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