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Maintain Your Roof in TipTop Condition

September 4, 2015

Maintain your roof -

Keep your roof in good condition: a foolproof guide

Whilst we don’t recommend carrying out some of the bigger jobs and taking the place of a roofing specialist in Liverpool, there are many things homeowners can do in order to maintain their roof, and ensure that perfectly preventable problems don’t rear their heads in the meantime.

As experts in the roofing field, we know that there are certain things that should be left to the professionals, but taking a few simple steps yourself can mean you will prevent some pretty hefty roof maintenance bills from coming your way in the future.

Our fool proof guide will give you some hints and tips on how to keep that roof over your head in great condition.


Don’t be gutted over gutters!

One of the easiest maintenance tips, yet quite often the most overlooked – keep your drains and gutters clean from the usual debris that can make an appearance.

Water flow in all gutters should be good and without anything causing backup; everything from toys to dirt and mud can cause backup and it’s important to get the hose out and get stuck in to clear them completely.

A good time to do this is around autumn, when leaves off trees tend to fall into gutters and clog the pathways for water that needs to run away from the roof.

Get stuck in and your gutters won’t cause your roof any problems.


Learn how to look properly

Know what to look for when it comes to your roof – slipped tiles and general movement of roofing materials are things to look out for, and if you’ve noticed problems internally such as leaks, step outside your property and look over your roof.


Know when to ask for help

If you aren’t confident looking for yourself, call the professionals.

Don’t be worried that by calling us, you are going to get a quote for jobs that don’t really need doing; we assess your roof, look out for all of the problems that can occur, and let you know what needs doing, if anything at all.

A real assessment of a roof can only be made by being on it, and you should never try to do this yourself.


Look for leaks

Leaks to a roof are deadly, and they need nipping in the bud as early as possible.

They aren’t difficult to recognise, and all you have to do is go into your loft area and look out for discolouration on the wooden beams – this is the first sign of a leak and needs addressing straight away.

Look out for more obvious signs such as wet patches, or even specks of light managing to sneak their way into the darkness of your loft.

Make the checks in the warmer months, before the cold sets in, as any water that freezes between your roof tiles can cause them to crack, making the job even bigger.


Make sure the boot fits…

When installing new boots on your guttering, make sure that they fit perfectly and are flush to your walls, pipes and roof.

If your boot on your pipes is even just slightly loose, this can allow water to seep in, which means you will get a heftier bill further down the line for bigger problems that could have been prevented at this point.


Conclusion; Maintaining your roof

Would you like more advice on how to maintain your roof? Or are you experiencing any leaks or drafts? At AK roofing we have a team on standby waiting to help you today. Call us on 0151