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Welcome to the future Liverpool!

Solar Panels LiverpoolSolar Panels are the future in roofing, and we’re here to make sure that Liverpool knows it. Being a local based company; here at AK Roofing Specialists LTD. we want to offer you a service you can trust, at a price that no sane person can refuse.

Solar panels are a great investment, save money in the long run! Solar panels are usually fitted on a 30 to 45 degree angle, this way they can absorb the most sunlight possible. However, we can make adjustments to fit your roof needs; this is where the survey comes in handy (it’s free, with no obligations).

Solar panels absorb solar energy from the sun, afterwards the solar panels convert the energy to DC, and then AC. When you turn an appliance on, it uses solar energy, you get to use that energy. After that, it then it uses the grid energy! So you get more from your money. #Costeffective


You can trust us

We have 25 years of experience in roofing and various other D.I.Y skills, and we make sure all of our employers are up to date with all roofing information and training.Due to this, we are able to confidently say “you have 30 years guaranteed”. We cover all jobs for 30 years, so you needn’t worry for a long, long time.


What you can get from us

  • You’ll be fully covered with our public and employer insurance policy
  • 30 years of guaranteed roof happiness
  • 25 years of experience on your side
  • FREE no obligation quote and survey
  • Best service in liverpool
  • friendly staff who want to get out of your hair and provide unparallelled service


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