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Super solar power – the rundown from AK Roofing Services Liverpool

October 21, 2015

Super solar power – the rundown from AK Roofing Services Liverpool

Not just offering Roofing services in Liverpool, AK Roofing also offers super solar panels – the green alternative to powering your home or business.

So, as genuine advocates of the solar panel movement, this Liverpool Roofing Company is shocked to see that the Tory government aren’t on our wavelength, and don’t give renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the respect that they deserve.

Recently leaked information coming from newspapers and agencies has indicated that the Tories intend to put policies in place that will put the stoppers on some green energy schemes; a total of ten green energy schemes have been scrapped since they won the May general election.

One word for this: madness!

We won’t let the government scupper our plans to help Liverpool become a greener city, and Mr Cameron would do well reading our rundown as to why solar panels are the way forward!

Why go for solar panels in Liverpool?

  • Good for the environment

No harmful emissions = no damage to the environment – simple!

  • Fixed costs

No more worrying about energy prices rises from the usual domestic companies – solar panels have a fixed cost until your system is completely paid for.

Your monthly cost is dependent on how much you paid for your system, and how much you paid upfront.

  • All day use

No – the sun won’t go down and leave you eating your tea by candlelight!

Your solar panels provide energy 24 hours a day, and conserve the energy gained in the day, so that you can use it during the night when the sun has gone to bed.

Think of this way – during the day when most people are at work, your solar panels will make more electricity than the home is using, meaning that when it comes to switching on when you get home, you will be working from being in credit that is rolled over based on how much energy your solar panels make.

  • The money is going to be spent either way

Whether you pay an energy supplier, or pay off your solar panels – you are still going to be parting with your cash either way.

The only difference is that when you have finished paying for your panels – you won’t have that monthly outgoing.

If you stay with your usual energy supplier, you will always be paying into a system for your energy, and this won’t stop.

  • Adds value to the home

Adding solar panels to your property is one of the most stellar investments that you can make; there are very few home improvements that you can make as a homeowner that will increase the value of your home like solar panels will.

The investment saves you money month upon month, and adds value. It’s pretty foolproof really, isn’t it?

How do they work?

Solar panels in Liverpool work by simply absorbing the energy that the sun gives out. Once the panels have absorbed the energy, they convert it to DC and then to AC.

Once the solar energy is used, the energy from the grid that has saved up energy that the panels make will be used.

Why us?

We work with capable professionals only; with 25 years of experience, all of our roofers are up to date with the right training and skills.

Want even more reassurance? We cover your panels for 30 years – that’s how confident we are!

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